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Adding Drivers to Your Car Insurance Policy

Reader’s Question:

Who should I include in my car insurance policy?



Auto insurance companies’ guidelines, in addition to state insurance laws and regulations, are different however generally you can include to your vehicle insurance plan licensed household members including your husband or wife and kids and other people that live with you. Often times may also include kids which are away at college simply because they generally get home during breaks to come back home and may drive your automobile during those times. Other people that frequently drives your automobiles will often be permitted to be placed as drivers on your car insurance policy too.

If you’re a mother or father then you, your husband or wife, your kids living together with you or other licensed household member will often be placed on your vehicle insurance plan as drivers. The meaning of a household member differs from one auto insurance firm to another however normally this means immediate or relatives that resides with you in addition to non-family household members that operate the car, such as a roomie can be viewed as a member of the household.

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