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Adjusting the Seat Belt

The use of seat belts can reduce the risk of injury during a car accident. When used properly, provides a great protection to drivers and passengers of motor vehicles. However, when used improperly, its ability to provide this security is compromised. Adjust the seatbelt properly to ensure that the SRS/airbag system will deploy properly in the event of collision.

Use a diagonal belt across the upper chest . Drivers often complain that this belt is uncomfortable, and sometimes placed behind his back. However, if you do this, the ability of the belt to protect you from injury decreases. Seat belts are designed to distribute the force between two areas of the body. Without the diagonal strap in place, this is impossible. If the belt is uncomfortable for you or your children, buy a padded sleeve to coverthe seat belt

Set the lower part of the belt, so that is at the top of your thighs and abdominal region . This belt is designed to distribute the force to the pelvic area so you must sit correctly to achieve this goal

Sit up straight in his seat . When lean or dive into his seat, the belt can generate not work properly. As you sit right in your seat, the belt will fit in the correct body parts

Adjust the seat position . The farther you are the driver of the vehicle dashboard, the safer in the event of a collision. Manipulates the handle of your seat to move forward, backward, up or down, that is at a comfortable distance from the steering wheel and you can see well through all the windows and, therefore, that you remain comfortable the safety belt.

Check that the seat belts are not twisted . The belts should be on the top of your chest and thighs without being folded. If the belt is twisted, the pressure would happen in a crash would have less surface on which distributed,

When you wear a seat belt must listen in click . Proves that making sure the belt is a jerk on the leash. If the belt does not get the device that attaches to the vehicle then sure.

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