Air Conditioner Blower Won’t Shut Off

My wife’s air conditioning light, “Air conditioner shut off to prevent engine damage” comes on the dash randomly, even when the air is off. The blowers all come on and hot air is circulated.

The system will not shut off when hitting the “off” button on the dash. The Cadillac dealer here repaired it three years ago, but that repair lasted about a month.The car has been stored but I would like to get everything running smoothly…Can you figure out the air conditioner problem ??Thanks



Howdy Jim,

Personally I have not seen this exact issue before. I have seen “a/c blower resister modules” go bad and not allow the blower motor to shut off…..even with the engine off and key out the blower will continue to blow.

I don’t THINK that is your problem here. You could just be low on Freon……since you said it blows hot air.

The system will shut it self down if it there is not enough compressor oil/Freon in the system to prevent damage. I would have your Freon level and pressure checked FIRST and fill with Freon as needed then I would read your onboard computer codes to see what “codes” have been stored in its memory.

These are complex systems and I would stick with the dealer or a mechanic who is qualified with Cadillac automatic temperature control systems….which will rule out most mechanics. Keep me posted as to what you find out will ya?


Austin Davis

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