Air Conditioner Doesn’t Change Settings


I have a question about my air conditioner. The climate control system in my car no longer changes between settings. The climate control knob turns on the car, but I don’t hear that typical (vacuum) sound that it did make when changing from i.e. floor-vent-defrost, etc.

I emailed this to a local junk yard to see if they know what part I would need to get and they told me I could be one of the two parts below. So what I need to know is do you know a way of checking which part it would be myself.

I have also Included a picture on the same display I have in my car with the knob circled and an arrow pointing to the setting it is stuck on.



1. Blend-door-motor under the dash
2. Temperatuer control head with the knobs right in the dash

I also found on site the mentioned it could be the blend door itself.

Any information would be appreciated.




Hi there Ryu,

That is going to require some testing to be absolutely sure which part is at fault. You will need to test both the control head for power and ground, and then test the blend door in the dash for power and ground.

We tend to replace more blend door motors than the actual control head in the dash in my shop …BUT the control head is much easier to replace, and you can probably buy a used one from a junk yard for $50 or so.

So if you just want to take a fairly easy and fairly inexpensive GUESS you might replace the control head assembly and see what happens. The blend door motor is much harder to get to and replace.


Austin Davis

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