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Air Conditioner Not Cold Enough

My air conditioning works fine when outside temp is cool (early morning or late evening). When the outside temp warms up it shuts down.

The fan still runs fine, the compressor cycles repeatedly. I have changed both low and high pressure switches, the fan clutch and checked the Freon levels. The high side reads about 150 and low about 70. When gauges are on it, it seems that when the low side drops to about 24 is when the compressor starts to cycle.

This only happens, once you advance acceleration. My thoughts now are the expansion valve or the dryer. Thank you for any thoughts you might have.


Hello there,

I would start from scratch again, it sounds like a low Freon complaint… let’s rule that out first.

In my shop on a hot Houston day (90+ degrees Fahrenheit) , during the heat of the day with the engine running at FAST idle (1500 RPM) and the ac gauges hooked up to the system I would expect to see the high side at least 250PSI (200-300psi) and the low side to be about 25PSI (25-30PSI).

So to me it sounds like you need to start by adding a can of Freon to the system. I would NOT want the compressor to cycle during this time….or the system is still low. If the compressor cycles too quickly you could have a restriction like an orifice tube that is clogged.


Austin Davis

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