Air Conditioner Smells Like Exhaust Fumes

: Hi, My A/C seems to be pulling exhaust and other fumes into the cabin even when the recycle button is on, can you please advise what may be the cause of this?
Bertrand from Trinidad


Hello Bertrand,

I would have your mechanic inspect your air conditioner fresh air duct, your dash control might not be moving the fresh air/recirculate door inside the dash. The mechanic should be able to look inside your dashboard to see if this plastic door has broken or is restricted causing it to stay in the fresh air position.

If it is, I would have them permanently seal it in the closed/recycle position. Living in the Caribbean you will probably never really use the fresh air setting anyway, the air conditioner will not cool as well as in the recycle position.

Your island neighbor Grenada……….I love that tiny island!!!!!!


Austin Davis

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  • Valarie

    as a honda tech for 12yrs my shop always changes trans fluid every 30k service,it does not hurt anything to change it more often then honda recommends. ***USE HONDA FACTORY FLUID ONLY***some shops will use regular fluid and put in an additive for honda’s i dont recommend this, seen some problems with shifting because of additives and regular fluid.