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Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’S) are fixes to known problems that dealer service departments have alerted the vehicle manufacturer. Recurring customer complaints, part failure, and other mechanical trouble is compiled into a TSB. Usually only new car dealers have access to TSB’S, and the amount of money and time they can save diagnosing and repairing your vehicle is phenomenal.

Illustrated Diagnosis and Repair Procedures — It is virtually impossible to diagnose the vehicles of today without illustrated repair procedures to follow and refer to. Alldata has some of the best repair procedures on the market. This can make troubleshooting easy, yes you can do it too with the proper information!!

” OEM Part Numbers — Once the vehicle has been diagnosed and the part that needs to be replaced has been determined Alldata will provide you with manufacture part numbers for the parts you wish to replace. This can save you a major headache dealing with incompetent auto parts people. (You have probably been there)

” Diagnostic Charts and Trouble Codes — How can you repair your car without some way to read and understand onboard trouble codes, it is virtually impossible. Alldata manuals has easy to read and comprehend charts and diagnostic trouble code help.

” Component Locations and Diagrams — Diagnosing the problem is one thing, but finding the faulty part is another. Component locators are some of the most important books in my shop. Finding the part you wish to change can be more of a challenge than the diagnosis, but not if you have Alldata. Try it today!!!

” Factory Maintenance Schedules — If you are serious about keeping your vehicle in top running order, following the factory maintenance schedule is a great way to go about it. So how much does all this information cost? About the price of one oil change. If you are a do-it-yourself’er and want the same powerful diagnostic capability as the pros, then you owe it to yourself to check out More information than you will need to properly repair and maintane your car. See for yourself!

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