Alternators Keep Going Out

I have a Nissan Maxima and have put two remanufactured alternators in it this week, and after starting the car they got really hot and burnt out within 3 minutes any ideas?

Hi there,

Usually when this type of thing happens it is due to a faulty alternator. I would recommend you buy a difference brand of alternator OR if you have your old one handy get that one rebuilt from a local alternator/starter shop.

One more thing to look for would be any loose or damaged wiring from the alternator to the battery and body ground. Make sure all battery cable connections are clean and tight, and that the belt on the alternator is properly in line with other accessories.

Austin Davis

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  • Austin Davis

    Yep, gotta rule out everything first before just replacing parts over and over again.

  • Albert

    It is good to know there are other things to check out before just changing the alternator to a new one, this can be a problem with cars that are a little old.

  • Austin Davis

    Yes, although faulty wiring is not as common as a faulty alternator it does happen and can be a real pain to track down and repair. Thanks for your comment.

  • Otto Forman

    I rebuilt my old alternator and it worked for a while, I was having the same problem as the person who asked you, in the end I discovered the problem was in the wiring so as you said that is something any one with a faulty alternator should check before buying a new one.