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Amaxofobia – Are you Afraid of Driving?

Some 1.5 million drivers have a fear that driving will make them disabled. This represents 6 percent of all drivers. Within this group, women are twice those with men. Most are women over 40 who have experienced or witnessed a serious traffic accident, ie thave this phobia as a result of some kind of traumatic experience. Yet men often do these symptoms after 60 years and always limiting aspects of their abilities. This syndrome is known as amaxofobia, according to the study by the Institute of Road Safety Foundation Mapfre.

The report also reflects that approximately 8.5 million people in Spain, ie one third of drivers, acknowledges being afraid to drive in certain circumstances related to weather, traffic density, the long journeys and others.

Amaxofobia also tends to affect people who are frightened by the lack of control, that are unsafe and often suffer from stress and depression. People are very responsible, self-demanding, perfectionist, needing someone to take care of them, and who like to have all the possible variables under its control, including driving.

The symptoms of this disorder include anxiety, nervousness, heart palpitations and sweating on the hands.

Many of these people suffering from amaxofobia have a driving license for over 15 years, it often leads, and acknowledge that they have been frightened at the wheel a few years to get permission. It also often occurs in people who have stopped driving for a period of time and suffer from other phobias such as fear of flying or staying indoors.

The fear of driving can be treated and overcome like many other phobias. Other recommendations are being aware of the problem, put in the hands of a psychologist and with a driving instructor to gain confidence.

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