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Antifreeze Leak I Can’t Find

Hello Austin,

I have a Mercury Mystique GS, 4 cylinder, 2.0 litter engine. I spotted a small antifreeze leak from the car’s front right side. Looking from underneath, I cannot tell exactly it is coming rom. I have two guesses, the water pump or the front left corner of the head gasket. If the car is idling, it does not leak and its is only noticeable after I have driven the car. Looking from the top of the engine I cannot see anything. My question is, is the water pump on this car located on the left side of the engine by the belts? The leak is near the radiator bottom hose, but coming from somewhere above the antifreeze pipe attaching to the bottom hose.


Hello Josee,

Visit your local mechanic .even a fast lube place, and ask them to do a cooling system pressure test for you. Its cheap and easy to do while you wait. That is the only real way to accurately find a coolant leak.

Austin Davis

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