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At fault car insurance claims and keeping up with your tires

Reader question:

I got into a car accident and the car insurance company said it was supposedly my fault when I filed a claim because I let my tires go. How are you supposed to know if there’s something wrong with your tires?


Glad you asked.

Tires are one of the very most important aspects of a car because they are its only connection with the earth, and it is that earth, that terrain, that controls how your vehicle drives. Tires determine how you steer, the stability of your vehicle, and how safe you are in bad weather conditions. Even so, they often fall into neglect, and people don’t change them until they go out or make it audibly obvious that they’re about to. But there are ways to keep up with the status of your tires so that you don’t end up in an accident and filing a car insurance claim.

Are there any incisions or signs of breakage in the sidewalls of the tires?
Is the tread worn down in an uneven way? If it’s uneven, our wheels might be damaged or misaligned.
Is the tread worn down too much? Most newer tires have an indicator that tells you up to which point the tread of a tire should be allowed to recede. If your tread is past these bars, you need to replace your tires. If your tire doesn’t have an indicator, you can buy a gauge at most auto parts shops. You can even use a penny, by putting it into the groove of your tire. If you can see Abraham Lincoln’s head, you need new tires.
Bumps and blisters on the sidewall. These are signs of weak areas in your tire, which are more likely to blow out.
Vibrating tires. Take your car in ASAP.

You should check out your tires regularly to keep up with their condition, because considering the amount of use you put into them, anything could happen at any time. If you see anything listed above, you should either have your tires changed or take your car in to a professional.


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