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My car AC will run, blow hot air, and when we try and fill it with Freon, it will not take any. The fans are both running. Could this be a compressor problem? I am a female, and I don’t want to find myself being taken to the dry cleaners, on cost and bad workmanship. Please help me.



Hi there Roxanne,

You COULD have a compressor issue….or there could be a restriction in the system like from an orifice tube or accumulator drier, or there could be something wrong with the “Schrader” charging valve itself not allowing Freon to enter the system.

Charging the system with Freon should be pretty inexpensive, you might want to get a professional mechanic to do it for you just so you make sure you get the proper amount of compressor oil and Freon mix and don’t damage things that will cost you lots of money.


Austin Davis

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