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Auto Insurance and Roadside Assistance

Do you really need to get roadside assistance with your auto insurance policy? Don’t you just hate it when someone trys to add something on to your order, that you did not order…nor do you really want or need?

This is what is happening with auto insurance today. Without your consent or knowledge…or maybe they DO happen to mention it on the phone…quickly, very quickly. Your policy now contains a small fee for roadside assistance. Why?

Commissions! The auto insurance company, or agent is getting a commission for every roadside assistance add on they can make. It might seem logical for an auto insurance company to be looking out for your best interest….but they are not really. This roadside assistance is nothing more than a AAA type of emergency tow service that will take your vehicle to the closest repair shop.

You probably have a cell phone, and hopefully have a relationship with an honest mechanic that has a tow truck or a relationship with a towing service anyway. So this fee you are now paying is pretty much worthless. Unless you are driving in absolute nowhere on a regular basis, chances are a police officer or a tow truck driver will be at your assistance faster than you can get someone at your insurance company to get someone there.

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