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Auto Repair Houston – Recommendation


I have a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe that is having problems with the catalytic converter.  I’m looking to get a quote to fix it.  I do have an extended warranty program with Western General that is still in effect but I don’t know if the catalytic converter is covered.  I’m also looking to get a permanent power inverter installed.  I have one of those converters that plugs into the lighter but I’d like to get a permanent one installed.

If the catalytic converter costs too much, I am going to be looking for a replacement SUV, something slightly used – maybe two to three years old with low mileage.  My wife is also looking for a used vehicle, again about two to three years old.

I live in Humble and work in Houston so let me know if this is the type of work you do – how much it will cost and if you warranty your work.  Email me here or give me a call.



Hi Landon,

Thanks for the email. I sold my brick and mortar repair shop a few years back, although it’s still running strong in the Heights at the corner of 23rd and Yale in the Heights area.  Master Auto Service, my grandfather started in 1937.

Rueben is a good contact person if you want to call and talk to him and get his opinion and a quote.  713-862-6639, you can tell him we emailed. He is a nice guy.

I have NO affiliation with them anymore, but I did a personal walk through and met the new owners and management last month and was impressed with how they are running things.

Rarely do you see a problem with a cat converter these days, so I would be a little skeptical of the diagnosis that the converter is bad.  Possible, but not common.

Meineke Muffler on Shepherd and 11th area is who I used to replace converters, Ask for Ken….if he is still there. Place is a dump, good guys and great prices. He will have a universal converter that is much cheaper than the OEM.

The permanent power might not be that big of deal, hardest part is usually trying to find a place to hook into and mount that looks ok and not in the way.

Your converter might still be covered under the factory warranty, you might have 100K mile warranty with Hyundai, so I would call and ask.  But before I replaced it and paid out of your pocket I would have Rueben at Master Auto Service check it out to make sure that is the real problem.

Austin Davis

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