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Automatic Transmission Problems

I have a Chevy Suburban. I will just tell u issue I’m having now… When u drive the truck it shifts normal but after about 15 minutes or so of driving, shifting becomes harder, after say 25-30┬áminutes of driving.

If I make a stop at a light or something, when I take off, it will drive but will not shift at all…

Thank you for your time.



Howdy David,

It does sound like you have an internal transmission issue…and will probably require an overhaul or replacement.

Check the transmission fluid level first and top off as needed. normally I would not recommend you change the internal transmission filter….but it sounds like you are out of options anyway, so you might as well spend a little money and replace the internal filter and install clean fluid.

This can sometimes make a worn out transmission WORSE, but I don’t think it is going to hurt you much in this situation.

If you are on a tight budget and willing to take a little risk…you can buy a used transmission from a junk yard in your area and have your local mechanic install it for you. they usually offer an extended warranty for a small fee.

You might also want to call your local GM dealer PARTS department and see what they get for a GM rebuilt transmission, I think they offer them for this model.

Might cost a tad more than getting yours rebuilt BUT you get a nation wide GM warranty and not all the hassle of dealing with a local transmission shop….which can be a REAL pain!


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