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Avoiding car insurance claims

If you get into a car accident, and especially if it’s your fault, you’re more than likely going to see your car insurance rates rise. Because of this, it’s very important to practice safe, defensive driving. Most people think that they can keep out of trouble just by abiding by the law, but there are so many factors that can contribute to a traffic accident that there is more that needs to be done in order to avoid the possible incident of a car accident. Granted, there are some situations you can’t control, but a collision is never inevitable. Here are some steps to avoid rolling over, one of the more dangerous things that can happen when proper driving procedures aren’t followed.

  • Be carefully packing things into your vehicle and make sure the weight is evenly distributed. If the weight is distributed evenly, this will make the vehicle more easy to handle especially when taking it around turns. Putting things on the roof rack drastically increases your car’s chance of rolling over, as it messes with the center of gravity. To check what kind of weight your car can handle, look in your user manual.
  • Rollovers happen more often out on highways and country roads, so in these situations pay closer attention than usual. The smaller the lanes, the harder it is.
  • Be careful or curved roads and take direction changes slow to avoid running off.
  • Stay cool. One of the main causes of rollovers is the driver overcompensating with his steering. If your car goes out of control, slow down and slowly turn your wheel in the direction it needs to go. Don’t hit the brakes and wrench the wheel to the side.
  • Keep up with your tires.
  • Drive while alert.

Following this advice can help you drastically reduce the chances of your being in a rollover.


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