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How Should I File My Car Insurance Claim

Reader question:

What’s the process in starting out with a car insurance claim filing?


Good question.

Filing a car insurance claim is a big deal, and it may seem like a complicated process, but so long as you have some idea of what you’re doing, it really isn’t. There are some initial steps that you should take when filing your claim, and if you take them in a timely manner you can ensure that your claim will be handled more quickly and more to your liking.

First thing to do is get all of the documentation you need together. Your adjuster will probably record your statements regarding the events of the accident, its location, names of witnesses, and medical treatment and other expenses. Now you have to prove all that. So get those receipts, develop those photos, pack them up, and send them in. You’ll be asked for copies of your medical bills, a report from your doctor, proof from your job that you suffered wage loss, and any proof of any other expense. Your adjuster might also ask for authorization to get reports from your health care providers. All this goes towards your special damages claim.

After getting all the documentation and whatever the insurance adjuster asked for, you need to figure out how much you should get for your claim. The insurance company will try to jump in and offer you something before you’ve had time to think, but don’t let them. Take it slow, look over your information, and know what you deserve.

If you have a certain amount in your brain and are sure of it, write a demand letter to the insurance company to get the negotiations process started in a manner you prefer.


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