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Basic Tips for Saving Fuel: Vehicle Care

Having a car has gone from being a luxury to a necessity. However, given the increase in gasoline prices, we need to find ways to save fuel. Reducing the costs of travel by our own car can contribute to the conservation of the environment is actually easier than it seems.

Vehicle Care

  • If the car is in good condition it will not need more fuel to operate, so it must also provide maintenance and care of water levels and oil. The tire pressure is important, because if they have a low level, it increases to five percent of gasoline consumption.
  •  Another fuel saving tip is to not run at high speeds and do it carefully, because the car makes more effort going against the flow of air or braking suddenly. If the trip is fast, you should close the windows and empty the rear to facilitate the movement of the vehicle.
  • At times the traffic of the city keep several minutes to motorists. The best way to solve this problem and save fuel is to turn off the car two minutes or more. The air conditioning consumes gasoline, so it is used only when necessary.

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