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Battery Dead in Chevy 1500


I have a Chevy Silverado 1500 and I found my battery dead this morning. Bought a new battery, and while taking out the old battery, I noticed the entire battery post had come loose from the battery. After much difficulty, I removed the broken post from the screw and replaced the battery. Now here is my problem.

The truck starts immediately, but dies suddenly if I remove my foot from the accelerator. Also, the speedometer is pegged out at 100 mph while the truck is sitting still.

Could the battery have caused a problem with the computer so that all the settings are screwed up???

What do you think?

Many thanks for your help.



Did you let the engine run awhile, or take it for a spin around the block? It might just need time for the computer to re-learn and regain control of the engine again, that is not uncommon.

I would double check your work to make sure all cables were reinstalled, maybe one of the ground wires is loose or not connected to the battery?? If that is all that you did, replace the battery and the battery bolt, either something did not get put back in place correctly or there is still a problem .like an alternator that is not charging? You might want to get the rest of the electrical system checked out.

That corrosion on the battery acts like a ground for the rest of the electrical system and can play havoc on the computer system, glad you fixed it but there could be more problems caused from it.


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