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Best Car Wax – Recommendations

best car waxThanks to everyone who sends me tons and tons of email questions each day, and gives me a good case of carpel tunnel syndrome :)

I got a few really good questions this week about car wax, and what I thought was the best car wax to use.

That is a great questions because there are probably a ton of really good answers to it.

Are you lazy like me…and want a great looking car with the least amount of elbow grease and expense?  Then I have an answer for you in my video below.

I made this video to help people remove scratches from their paint surface, but I also share with you the best car wax that I use on my personal vehicles and think you might want to give them a try as well.

I am cheap and lazy (as per my wife) , but my vehicles look awesome….you decide.


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