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car waxWho else wants their car to look like it rolled off the show room floor… even if your car is 10 years old!

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best car wax

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Have you ever wondered how they get the cars at the local auto show so darn shiny and slick? Their finishes are so deep looking, and mirror like. There always seems to be a guy walking around with a spray bottle of something, ready to quickly buff out any finger prints the gauking public just applied.

So, what is this magic formula that makes the auto show cars look so awesome? At the last auto show in my area I pulled one of the guys aside and tried to bribe him to find out what the secret sauce was inside the bottle. As you can imagine…he did now budge, nothing, not even a clue to get me guessing even more. I began to throw out a few big name brands for car wax to see if his eyes or facial expressions would change….nope, nothing.

Ok, so I tried to find out what is in the bottle for you guys honestly I did. I let you down, sorry. :() What I do know is this, I want what ever spray wax was in that bottle he was using. I have run a large body repair shop most of my life, and never have I seen an easier wax to apply and never have I seen such a deep mirror like finish….with very little work. Getting a finish like that is NOT easy, keeping the finish to look like that is even harder.

So… about an hour later, while I was standing in line to get a $7 pretzel that auto detailing guy I tried to bribe eariler walked by me and as he made face contact with me he said “Fukken” and smiled. Hahhahahah, now I know some people around me might have heard a different version of that word…and taken offense, but I knew what he was talking about.

Fukken Wax, I have heard of it before but never tried it personally. So, when I got home I ordered some and tried it on my personal cars, and my neighbors boat….wow. I have been in the auto repair business all my life, my grandfather started our company in 1937 and I was the 3rd generation to take over. Since then I have sold the company and moved 100% online. I say this because I know what I am talking about, and this car wax, man it’s very easy to use and the shine and mirror image it produces is fantastic.

The trouble I have with most spray on car waxes, it’s seems to look ok for a day or 3, then starts to fade away in the sun or light rain. When I applied the Fukken wax, I did not really have to do anything to it for months. If I did get some dirt on it, I washed it with water slightly and quickly dried it. The sun did not seem to fade the mirror image and the surface remained slick and shiny.

If you are unhappy with your current car wax, can I suggest you try what I think is the best car wax in a bottle? It’s very economical, easy to use and the mirror shine will blow you away. Here is the link, to buy this fantastic car wax and see for yourself how awesome it is.

Check Out This Awesome Spray Car Wax

Why I like this car wax best out of the competition.

1. It’s super fast and easy to apply… without using water.

2. Is’s an aresol spray, so it comes out evenly and won’t clump or splatter on to areas you don’t want waxed.

3. It is very affordable, so you are not going to break the bank no matter what kind of vehicle or boat you are going to use it on.

4. The mirror finish and shine last a long time with out fading.

5. If you do need to clean the finish area, just wash with water and lightly dry

6. It gives awesome protection to your paint finish with little elbow grease

7. Seems to work well on all color finishes…even black!

8. And best of all, you can get it right here and have it delivered straight to your house. (I had trouble finding it at my local auto parts store)

best car wax

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