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Best cars for teens for best car insurance rates

Reader question:

I’m taking my teen out car shopping and I need help. What’s best for teens, for car insurance and safety and all that?


Good question.

Safety is the most important thing to think about when getting a car for your teenager, and this will carry over to good news for your car insurance premium as well. Anytime you’re adding someone young to your policy, with the high rate that normally come with such an addition, anything that offsets those rates is a good idea, and car insurance companies charge less for safer cars than they do for others. Why does your teen need a safe car? Well, consider the numbers. Car accidents are the leading cause of death among kids aged fifteen to twenty, and 65% of 13-19 year olds who lose their lives in a car accident due so when a teenager was at the wheel.

So you can either buy your kid a bicycle, or hook them up with the safest car possible.

Size. A heavier car is best. First of all, the heavier vehicles are less likely to be crushed when confronted with another vehicle, while lightweight vehicles could. The higher the bumper is the better, as well, because if it’s set higher it’s more able to absorb the impact when it comes into contact with another vehicle.
New or used? Car insurance for a teen already costs a lot, but with a teen listed as the primary driver for a new car, it’s ridiculous. For this reason, most parents get their kids used cars, and that’s fine. But if you’re going to do this, make sure it’s safe. Is everything in working condition? Is it equipped with airbags? Are the tires in good shape?
Not so fast. Cars that go faster and whip around turns and leave you in the dust are a bad idea for teenagers. Sure, they may go over the speed limit even in the station wagon, but don’t tempt them.
Train your driver. Regardless of what kind of car you get your kid, bad things can still happen if they don’t understand proper driving techniques. Make sure that your teenager is well trained in the art of driving.


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  • Brian

    Get them a cheap car and have them enroll in defensive driving class or something. That will help lower car insurance for teen drivers..