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Best New Jersey DUI attorney

The best New Jersey DUI attorney you can find is not always the best one that money can buy. However, one criteria that you do need to be very forceful about in your search for a lawyer is that they have to have a lot of expertise in the area of DUI. Never hire anyone if less than 50% of the cases they handle are related to drunk driving convictions. Of course, a higher amount is preferable.

When shopping for a DUI lawyer, you also need to remember that everything is relative and that the best New Jersey DUI attorney also needs to be the best attorney for YOU. This is why you should always set up a meeting with an attorney before you hire them. If you don’t, you don’t know if the two of you get along, if they seem competent, or what else they’re getting themselves into.

You can also ask people you know who have been convicted of DUI if they used an attorney, who it was, and what their experiences were. Giving a call to the New Jersey bar might also leave you coming away with some excellent recommendations.

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