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Best Tires for Toyota 4X4 Truck

Hi I have recently purchased a Toyota Tacoma Access Cab 4×4 2.7L IL4 Manual. The tires that came on the truck were Dunlop AT20 245/75/16 and are about done for. I was wanting to know what tire and size of tire you would suggest for my truck.

I live in Northwest Arkansas and drive mostly on the highway with some off-roading, probably 90/10%. I drive around 90 miles round trip to work 4 days a week. The terrain here is somewhat hilly and there can be wet conditions a good part of the year. I am looking for a tire that is a good all weather tire that gets good gas mileage and can handle some light off roading. I had been looking at the Firestone Destination LE’s but have seen mixed reviews on these. Any suggestions would be great.



Howdy Chris,

Personally I am not familiar with the Firestone tire you mentioned, but I did also read some not so favorable reviews. I have always liked and recommended Yokohama tires to my customers. They are a little more money, but seem to be worth it from what I have seen in my shop. They are available for your vehicle in the original tire size and there is a good review posted about it on the site…..which I like.

I would highly suggest you steer clear of any time with an aggressive pattern, with your driving situation you really want an all highway tread for smoothness/comfort and tread life issues since you put so many miles on your vehicle. This tire and the fact that you have a 4X4 should be more than enough off road capability for you.

YokaHoma Tires


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Austin Davis

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