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Borrowing Car Insurance – Is This Legal?

Reader question:

I lent my aunt my car over the weekend while her’s is in the shop. If she gets in a wreck, is it still covered under my car insurance policy?


Probably so.

As is the case in most situations, though, it’s best to ask your insurer without taking my word on it. Most insurance coverage connects with the car, not the driver, so if someone else takes a ride in your car they’ll still be covered under your policy. Still, the rates you pay for your insurance are based on who the car’s primary driver–you–is. In that case, if someone else starts driving your car for an extended amount of time more often than you do, you should contact your insurance company and change some names to avoid getting in trouble.

If you borrow someone else’s car and then wreck it, their insurance will usually cover it, but if they have little or no insurance, once their funds are exhausted, your own insurance comes in. Because of this, be careful of borrowing cars of people who have no insurance.

As mentioned before, although it is true that your aunt will be covered in most cases, contact your carrier to verify that they have the same kind of policy. It’s better to be certain than surprised.


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