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Brake Fluid Flush Cost

My dealer is recommending a number of service jobs for my Acura with 77,249 miles, including brake fluid flush, for the price of $4,169.00. Is this a fair charge for this job? Please help?

Hey there!

What?? The dealer is the WORST place to get your maintenance work done…in my opinion.

Check to see what they are going to actually “replace”, usually you are paying for a TON of “inspect this” “check that”

I can not imagine any repairs costing anything close to that amount unless you are getting a new engine.

With that mileage you might need new brake pads, air filter, maybe a transmission service, a fuel filter maybe, not sure if you have a rubber timing belt…if you do it might be replaced at 90K or you might have a metal chain that never needs replacing.

Spark plugs can probably go to 90K without an issue, belts and hoses can go 90-100K unless there is a leak, coolant can go 90K unless there is an issue.

Sounds like they are trying to convince you to buy a new vehicle from them :)

BUT, if you do need new brake pads, flushing the brake fluid would be a good idea, but would not pay more than $90 extra for it. Find a local mom and pop mechanic.

Reader Follow Up

Dear Mr. Davis,

Thank you very much. Yes, you’re right. Since I bought this car, I’ve always had a feeling something was wrong with the pricing for service. For example they’re going to charge me as follows for different service repair they’ve recommended:

1. Compliance Bushing $870.00
2. Transmission Service $. 129.00
3. Brake fluid flush $4,169.00
4. Coolant Flush $ 174.00
5. Fuel Injection Service $189.00
6. Spark Plug $343.00.

I just thought I should check about all work to be done before I go to the local mom and pop mechanic as you’ve suggested.

Thanks in advance for your assistance and cooperation in this matter.


Hello Again

That HAS to be a typo, maybe $149 but noooooo way $4k

Unless there is a problem with those items I would say thank you but no thank you.

Wait to flush coolant when you replace the radiator hoses, flush will or should be about 1/3 for combination labor.

Other stuff is probably just “fluff” hoping you will buy it.

Austin Davis

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