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Brake Fluid in Power Steering Fluid Reservoir

I am from Canada so I am unable to get an auto insurance quote but believe me if I could I would just to get away from the blood suckers that offer insurance up here.

I have a simple question and as a long time car guy I feel absolutely stupid for saying that I did this but What would happen if I put a small amount of dot 3 brake fluid in the power steering reservior (maybe 1 ounce) of my ford F250?

If you have an answer I thank you.



Howdy Dale,

Well if you did the opposite (PS fluid in the brake reservoir) you would realllllly feel bad, because that can do some serious and expensive damage really fast. You are probably just fine without doing anything at all, but if it were me I would live on the safe side and drain out some of the PS fluid from the reservoir and refill it with clean PS fluid.

Ford PS pumps are notoriously loud when they get older, so flushing out the as much of the old fluid and adding clean fresh fluid would really be a good thing for a 17 year old vehicle.

You can easily do this by using a turkey baster to suck out the old fluid as much as you can, then refill with fresh fluid. It does not hold much, so this method is the fastest and CLEANEST way to remove that old fluid.

Stay warm up there!


Austin Davis

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