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Brake Noise – Front Or Rear Brakes?

I went to Brake Masters yesterday cause of a squeaking sound coming from the rear of the vehicle took in for rear brake drums to be looked at … the call I received from the shop told me the squeak was in the front and that the brake pads needed to be replaced and the rotors turned that the rear brakes were fine.

I had them do everything they recommended and they saved the old parts, but when I drove it home I still hear the noise I brought it in for squeaking sound in the rear when coming to a stop at slow speed. I look at the brake pads they gave to me and can’t tell if they needed to be replaced, and I’m really concerned about the noise cause it wasn’t doing that noise 2 weeks ago.

On the paperwork “the rear brakes are said to be at 5/32 drums appear ok at this time, rear brakes out of adjustment. Tech conferred squeak in front front pads at 4/32 rotors appear ok at this time. Left outer cv boot torn.” That CV boot been torn for couple years that I knew of so I had that done too. 2001 Hyundai Sonata 2.2 4cyl I feel cheated and ripped off what should I do. I still want to get my can fixed.



Howdy there Rod,

Brake noises can be hard to isolate…..sometimes what sounds like a front brake noise is in deed coming from the rear of the car and vise versa. What I usually do in this situation is apply the parking brake GRADUALLY as the car is in motion.

Go to a local large vacant parking lot where you can drive 30MPH or so (or what ever speed you hear this noise) with the emergency brake release button held in slowly apply the emergency brake until the vehicle comes to a stop. The emergency brake only uses the rear brakes, so if you hear the noise… is coming from the rear of the vehicle.

If you dont hear any noise using the rear brake, have a friend get out of the car in this parking lot and walk next to the vehicle as you slowly apply the regular brake….listening to the front wheels. I would say a vast majority of the time brake noise is coming from the front brake pads (since the rear brakes are enclosed by a large brake drum that can muffle sounds).

The torn CV boot should be replaced as maintenance, but that is not the cause of your noise. A bad CV joint makes a “clacking” noise mostly on turns.

Not sure if you read my article on brake noises or not, here is the link just in case.

Car Brake Noises

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