Brake Pads – Using Stop Squeak Silicone

Austin- this might be a really really stupid question. But I am about to install new brake pads on my Chevy Cavalier and there is a small tube of anti squeek stuff inside the box. The box says to put it on the back side of the pad…..but shouldn’t it go on the front side of the brake pad? How will it stop the squeek?


Howdy there Jason,

It does seem a little confusing doesn’t it? I mean, it would seem logical to place the silicone additive to the front side of the pad, since that is the side that comes in contact with the brake rotor. Unfortunately it is the other way around.

The silicone material acts as a vibration dampener between the brake pad and the brake caliper holding the brake pad in place. The squeal noise you hear is usually caused by the brake pad vibrating between the caliper and the brake rotor. The silicone tries to reduce the vibration thus making a quieter stop.

So, place the silicone on the BACK of the pad like I show in the picture below. Also make sure all the anti rattle clips are in place on the pad itself or the brake caliper.




Austin C. Davis

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