Buying a car insurance policy–agency or direct?

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How do I choose an insurance company? Should I go through an agent, or go direct?


Great question.

It all depends on you. Both going through a car insurance agent and going direct to the insurance company are valid ways of getting your insurance. They don’t offer the same options, but they are different methods that are personalized based on your needs, and so, depending on your needs, you may choose one over the other.

So what’s the difference? Well, going direct is a better option for people who already know what they want. If you have an insurance company in mind already, you can simply call them up and set up a premium with them. You might have heard about this company from friends, or come to the decision that you wanted to go with this company by looking at information online, or perhaps you have just gotten a car and this is the company that your parents had, so you want to go with them. Either way, going with a direct company is best if you know that you like that company and don’t need to shop around anymore.

The car insurance agencies have many functions, and one is that they are very good for people who may need a little help finding car insurance. Agents can look for you among car insurance companies and help you find one best suited to your needs. Agencies are more personalized, and can take your unique needs into account when finding you insurance. Also, with an agency, you’ll find that it’s easier to keep your insurance constant when you make a move or when something big changes in your policy.


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  • Greg

    Im in the process of buying car insurance and this post really helps me with my decision on where to go! Thanks a lot Austin!