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You want to buy a new car, but you’re new to the game. The first thing that you should understand is how serious the contract you will sign for buying a new car is. Once you put your name on tha dotted line, that car is yours unless you pay for it, and you can’t get out of paying for it. Unless you die or go into a coma. For this reason, you should do your research and take your time. Above all, don’t buy the very first time you go to the dealership. Go, look, talk, think, and wait. You don’t need that car as quickly as you think you do. You really need a good deal on your new car.

Car dealerships will tell you that nobody can match the price they have on a certain car. That’s not true. Every time they say that, there’s somebody out there who has a better price. Make sure you have researched your car purchase before coming in, and show them the research you have done. This will reveal to them that they can’t play with you and they’ll have to talk to you like an equal.

They might say that those invoice prices you got online aren’t for real. But for the most part, a car model won’t go up in price more than two hundred dollars between years, so that’s not the case. Not only that, but the cars offered at the dealership will often have a lot of options that cost extra forced on to you. You’ll be paying a thousand dollars for a few strips of something that isn’t even leather on your back seat when you could have gotten a leather couch for just as much. Options should be optional.


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