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Can Broken Timing Belt Damage Engine?

I have a dodge neon and the timing belt broke i have been told that i will have to replace the motor is this true

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I m assuming the valves are bent now that the belt broke, is that what they told you? I had a Neon that broke the timing belt and it SHOULD have done internal engine damage, but we put the new timing belt on the engine and started it up .it ran fine. This might have been just sheer luck, I don t know.

If you want to take a gamble .have them install the timing belt and start the engine and see what happens. If the valves are bent, you will have to pay your mechanic the time to replace the belt to find that out. Of course if there IS engine damage, replacing the engine with a used engine from a junk yard OR doing a valve job on your engine is the cheapest way out .but sill going to cost you over $1,000


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  • Jason

    If you were idling, there is a chance that they are not bent. If you were going at any kind of speed or had your RPM’s up at all, you probably bent something. Not a big deal. Either get a remanufactured head, or pull the head, have the valves checked, get a valve job & replace only the bent valves. If you can do it yourself, it won’t cost that much.

  • willie

    there is sufficient clearence in neons head, appearently the call those engines an interference angine and the valves don’t get to close to the piston