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Can’t Add Gas to Car

Hi this is Donald and I was wondering if I could ask you a question I don’t know if you will no the answer but here I go.

I have had problems for a while with the gas tank when you go to put gas in it it takes about on hour to put twenty dollars in it and it is getting very annoying you put in a little then you have to stop and let the gas go down or it will run over and then do it again.

It is that way the whole time and I had my uncle who is a automotive technician fix it we thought anyhow he replaced the carbon canister and some kind of solenoid it and it worked to fill the tank twice and now it is back to the same crap again and we are puzzled on what it might be so if you can maybe give us some suggestions and we can go from there.

thank you very much Donald


Howdy Donald,

First thing I would do is inspect the actual fill hose and vent hose that leads to the fuel tank to make sure they are not kinked or restricted in anyway. I have seen this happen a few times actually, the fuel inlet or vent hose somehow gets a kink in it and restricted fuel flow to the tank.

If you don’t see any obvious signs of kinked hoses I would drop the fuel tank and make sure the fuel hoses are connected properly to the fuel pump. If you still don’t see anything abnormal, I would try a new fuel pump assembly. There could be a problem with the venting operation of your fuel pump assembly.


Austin Davis

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