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Car A/C Won’t Blow Out Vents

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I had the ac control panel replaced because my mechanic neighbor checked and said that was the problem. The compressor is fine and the freon level is fine as well.

After replacing it, I also replaced the cabin air filter, I noticed that there is a plastic piece about 8 inches long and about 4-5 inches wide with cushion foam on one side that has come out from somewhere in the cabin filter area where the fan is.

I don’t know what it is or what it does but after replacing the cabin air filter, the cool air is not blowing although it was when the ac panel was replaced before the cabin air filter was changed, can you help me. I ended up moving and do not have a neighbor mechanic anymore.



Hi there, 
Hummm, I would assume that piece you are referring to is part of the A/C duct work.  Check to see if you can feel air coming out of the heater floor vent area OR the area of the dash you guys did the work to the cabin filter. Also try the defrost setting, does air come out?

I would assume that piece is part of the duct diversion system which sends air to the center vents, defrost and floor as you select the dash control setting. Look under the passenger dash area and see if you see a hole where that piece is supposed to go.  If not, it could be a part INSIDE the dash.

I would think it would be part of the cabin air filter system more than the dash control area.

Worst case scenario, your new dash control has a problem and not sending the proper signal to the diverter valve….so no air is allowed to flow.  The control head sends a signal to a diverter valve in the dash to send the air to the proper vents. Heater selection to heater floor vents, defrost to dash defrost etc. etc.  When there is a problem, most systems default to the floor vents.

Austin Davis

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