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Car accident reconstruction for car insurance claims

When you get into a car accident, in the moment that it’s happening, you aren’t exactly thinking to yourself, “I need to remember everything that’s happening right now.” You’re probably just trying to figure out how to save your skin at the moment. Likewise, you aren’t likely to recall every time what it was that happened to cause you or the other vehicle to lose control, because at the time when those factors are coming into play, you aren’t in a car accident yet and as such aren’t quite as alert.

Of course, though, you’re car insurance company is going to want to know every detail. They want certainty, and you swaying back and forth between “but it happened so fast” and “I think it went like this…”, they aren’t going to be especially happy. If you find yourself having this problem, it may be a good idea hire an accident reconstruction specialist or lawyer. This is essential in reconstructing your own broken-up story, as well as in making it jive with the other driver’s, who may have a very very different perception of the events.

But the reconstruction of car collisions by professionals isn’t about listening to two stories and figuring out where they coincide. It is based on scientific and mathematical principles, and utilizes factual information gathered immediately after an accident take place. For this reason, it’s important to document the accident in full. Keeping a camera in your glove compartment and taking pictures if an accident occurs will help these specialists have available the right kind of information they need to reconstruct the events.

Basically what they do is, using their knowledge of the accident, input mathematical formulas into a computer program which is able to recreate the accident as it happened. Doing this, they are able to confirm at what speed both cars were going, at what angle they collided, in what direction they were going and how long it took to happen. This kind of information can be essential when your car insurance company is trying to figure out who is the at-fault driver in the situation.


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