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Car Air Conditioner Not Cold Enough

I am having problems with my auto air conditioner! This past summer everyone complained that my A/C wasn’t cold enough, so my cousin told me to get some freon.

so I went and bought some and he put it in for me and it worked fine but then a few days later I was driving it and I stopped at a stop sign and it started making a really loud noise so then when I started to go again it quit making the noise and it done it again when I stopped at another stop sign so I turned the A/C off and it quit!

I was wondering if you could tell me what the problem is? Also, I live in Alabama and it gets pretty hot there and My dad bought the car in Indiana, so I’m guessing the A/C wasn’t used very much, and do you think that that could be a part of the problem?

Thank you,

Hello Brandy,

Have you opened the hood with the a/c and tried to locate where the noise was coming from? I would suspect that you’re A/C compressor is what is making the noise. The A/C compressor is connected to the large rubber serpentine belt and will look similar to this picture

Auto Air Compressor

Since the air got colder when you added some Freon to the system, I would suspect that you have a leak and that your new Freon leaked out already. The leak could be coming from the A/C compressor itself or the many other parts and hoses that make up the air conditioner system.

I would recommend you find an honest mechanic in your area and let them listen to your noise and add some Freon to the system and check for leaks.

If they concur that the compressor is making the noise, you will at least have to replace the compressor PLUS you might also have to repair the leak where ever it is.

Air conditioning repair can be very expensive so make sure you compare prices and make sure they check the complete system for leaks before they do any work. I would hate to see you spend $900 on a compressor only to find out you have a Freon leak elsewhere too and will require an additional $500. OUCH!

Austin Davis

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