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Car Battery Dead After Vacation

Hi I have Nissan Altima. It was working fine till now..I use to drive it everyday at the max 1-2 mile or more sometimes.

I was out of town for 4-5 days.SO my car was not used.As I came back car was died.I tried to jump start it.It started.I drove it for 2-3 mile.and then again after one our I started it and drove 2-3 mile.It worked fine.But again in the morning the lights were dim and it did not start. I just changed the battery last year.What could be the problem with my car.If I jump start it it works fine but then it will die again after few hours.This was not happening before.

Please reply

Hi there,

You really need to have a complete charging system test done to determine what is happening. This test should include the following tests:

1. Load test the battery to check to see if the battery has an internal problem

2. Check the alternator output does the alternator recharge the battery properly

3. Check for a voltage drain is there something left on that is draining the battery overnight like a trunk, glove box or hood light

4. Check and clean the battery cables if the cables are loose or dirty the power from the alternator can t reach the battery

Most auto repair shops can do this test for you while you wait, and the cost is probably less than $50. You WANT to test all these components ON the vehicle, so don t take your battery out of the car for testing, take the whole car in for testing.

Austin Davis

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