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Car Dies at Stop Signs but Restarts

My car idles a bit then shut off. it has also cut off at stop lights and stop sighs. the check engine light has been on for a while but I did nothing because my husband left the gas cap off before and it came on and the ford technician said that was the cause and said I could unhook the battery cables and it would go back off.

I did this and it went off but came back on. Also this started happening when I let my daughter drive the car and she put fuel in the car and said she experienced the problem I described and then went to advanced auto and they told her to put some fuel injection treatment/cleaner which she did. . what could be the problem.


Hi there,

I would first have your local mechanic or a fast lube place clean your throttle body and idle control motor and see what happens. Here is more about it on my blog

Car dies at stops


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