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Car Engine Block Sealer


Dear Austin

The K&W Engine Block Sealer product, engine block seal additive. you said to drain all coolant out of radiator and engine. How do you drain all the coolant out of the core area.
Thank you
Hey Kris,

The heater core you are talking about? You can remove one end of the
heater hose and gently run your water hose through it to flush it out.

You will probably never be able to get all the coolant out..but the sealer does not adhere to it so try and get as much out as you can. You can drain out the radiator, refill it with some plain water, remove the upper radiator hose from the radiator and start the engine for a few seconds to purge as much as you can from the system.

Then add the can of additive, top off with plain water and drive the vehicle for at least 500 miles. Then drain out the radiator and re-install the proper coolant to water mixture…..and pray!  I have had great success with this product, but not using it as they recommend.

Just remember you do not have overheat or freeze protection during these 500 miles since you don’t have coolant/antifreeze in the radiator.

Austin Davis

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