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Car Heater Takes a Long Time to Heat Up

heater not hotMy van sometimes will not heat at all for over 15 miles. The temperature gauge shows correct temp. It switches from defrost to ac and all that but no heat.All of a sudden it starts heating correctly. Can you help Please

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See if you can help narrow things down for me. Feel the heater hoses like I suggest in the article, both should be hot to the touch. If one hose is hot and the other is warm/cold you probably have a blockage in the heater core itself.

If neither hose is hot, you probably have a poor circulation problem like a restricted radiator or faulty thermostat, or just low coolant in the radiator. If both heater hoses are hot, you probably have a control problem inside the dashboard somewhere.

If you suspect a blockage in the heater core and want to try and “flush” it yourself first before getting your mechanic to replace it watch this short video for tips.

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