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Car insurance agents.

Reader question:

If I’m going to get my car insurance through an agent, what should I keep in mind?


Great question, Bill.

I think the most important thing to consider when getting your car insurance through an agency is what kind of service you’ll be getting. That’s kind of obvious, but it shouldn’t be overlooked, and shopping for an agent sometimes is just as important as shopping for a car insurance company. Your ability to get an insurance policy that does you good depends on your ability to get an agent that treats you right and takes care of you.

There are two types of agents. Independent agents, or brokers, are pretty much free hands and, without ties, will shop around for you until they find the best deal that fits your consumer profile. Then there are exclusive agents. These agents are tied to handful of companies and will only help you find service within that pool.

Exclusive agents can be good at times, because having limited contacts they also have more extensive information about each one. At the same time, the fastest way to a good deal is through an independent agent, who, being less specialized has a wider range to look for something to suit your needs.


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