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Car insurance cheaper for safe cars

Reader question:

What should I keep in mind when looking for a safe car?


Great question! Here’s a list.

  • The mass of your car. Heavier cars are safer than lighter ones because they offer more protection to you. They’re less likely to get completely crunched in a bad situation, and are more durable.
  • Airbags. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, deaths due to traffic accidents go down by 20% with the addition of airbags. They also take down the severity of injuries. Newer cars have airbags that come out at different speeds, and many offer airbags that protect during crashes from the sides.
  • Fitting seatbelts. If the seatbelt in a vehicle doesn’t have the right fit, it’s less able to restrain you in the instance of a crash, and it also makes it more likely that you’ll decide not to where it. Always check to make sure the seatbelts of the car you’re buying fit right.
  • Head restraints. These are required for drivers, but it’s a good idea to get them in the back seats as well. They should lock into place so that you have the best support in case of an accident.
  • Anti lock brakes. These help you keep control of your steering and protect against panicked reactions.
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems. Many accidents occur because of tires going out at the wrong time. These systems alert you to when your tire is getting low on air or needs to be changed.
  • Traction control. With traction control, your car’s slippage goes down and it is made more stable.
  • Check crash results on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s website.
  • Get an automatic emergency notification system. That way, if you do get in an accident, help will come faster.


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