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Car Insurance Claim Checklist

  1. Know the facts about your accident and keep your story straight. Stay credible. The more documents you have the better. Keep a camera in your car.
  2. Liability. Who’s to blame? If you’re at least partially at fault, look into your state’s comparitve or contributory negligence laws. In some states, shared fault may mean you don’t get any money, while in other you may get a percentage.
  3. Did you get hurt? Document your medical expenses, doctor’s reports, etc.
  4. Claimed expenses. Make a list of all the expenses you can claim, from damage to your vehicle or person to loss of wages, and make sure to document everything. Also consider future costs, and get estimates.
  5. Special factors. Anything special about you that the accident messed up? Maybe you worked in construction, but after the arm injury you sustained you have to look for something new.
  6. Damages. You can get money, not only for special damages, but for your pain and suffering, which might console you a little. How do you measure pain and suffering? Luckily, you can’t, so it’s good to start with a figure about three to five times that of your special damages one.
  7. Negotiate! Don’t roll over. Make them work.


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