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Car Insurance Claim Denials – Why Was My Claim Denied?

Reader question:

My claim was denied! Why??!


Nobody likes to hear that their claim was denied.

Such news could come with a lot of stress, especially as those bills for medical expenses and repairs pile up. However, there are several valid reasons for which your insurance company can deny your claim, and for these reasons you always want to make sure that you keep a close eye on your insurance and stay current. Your claim can be denied because:

  • You don’t have any coverage for the claim you made. Say you made a collision claim, but your car only has liability. They can’t give you anything for that.
  • You made an Uninsured Motorist claim and the motorist had insurance.
  • You don’t qualify under the policy. I.e., you’re a teenager specifically excluded from his parents’ policy.
  • You didn’t pay your premium.
  • You bought a new car and didn’t tell your insurance company in time.
  • The amount of damage you claimed is more than the limits of your policy.

So staying current, getting the right kind of coverage, and being responsible about who drives your car can save you a lot of trouble.


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    Anything considered to be fraudulent or misrepresented as part of a claim will normally result in a claim being denied.