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Car Insurance Claim Handling Satisfaction

Reader question:

I don’t like the way my car insurance claim is being taken car of. What can I do?


It’s important to take control in times like these, Willis.

Considering that car insurance claims involve such large amounts of money and the future of your driving record and vehicle ownership, it’s extremely important that things proceed in the right direction. If you find that in your claims proceedings things start getting out of hand, there are a number of things you can do.

  • Tell your company rep or agent. Sometimes it’s as easy as just mentioning that you have a complaint. If that doesn’t work, though, your insurance company might have a claims complaint line you can place a call to, and if not, get the contact information for the head of the insurance company’s claims department.
  • Keep ready to support your complaint. If you have a problem, document it and write a letter about why you aren’t satisfied, then send in the letter and the documents. Be sure to include your name and claim number and contact information, along with any other necessary information.
  • Look over your car insurance policy. Your policy should explain whether or not your company offers arbitration or appraisal services. Most companies do.
  • Get in touch with your state insurance department. Explain why your unhappy with a consumer services representative.
  • Call an arbitrator. Someone with experience, then, can decide if you got a fair offer. You can get an arbitrator through your insurance company, or through the American Arbitration Association.
  • Talk to a lawyer. This is a last resort, but the bar association in your state offers a free service that will recommend qualified attorneys for dealing with auto insurance issues. The lawyer will work either on an hourly basis or on contingency, but make sure you get the few structure in print either way. Your attorney has to have your agreement before he can commit to any kind of settlement.

Once you’ve handled your claim, look over your coverage again and make sure you have the right kind of protection to prevent any problems in the future.


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