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Car Insurance Claims and Costs

Reader question:

What if I file a car insurance claim and my car needs to be repaired?


Great question, Steve.

When you file a claim, your insurance company refers you to a claims adjuster. Once you’re file is with them, the adjuster verifies that the loss occurred and finds out what it will cost to repair the car. You can compare this with your own mechanic’s estimate.

No insurance company or adjuster in their right mind expects you to sign anything accepting the settlement amount until you’ve completely confirmed that it will cover the cost of repair, so don’t be too worried to make sure. Don’t let them pressure you into accepting their estimate. Get at least one estimate of your own, preferably more. The insurer can’t make you get your car repaired at a certain place, but it can usually require you to get more than one estimate so that there’s not the possibility of it getting charged inflated prices for the repair.

Most policies aren’t going to pay up if the repairs cost more than the car is actually worth. Still, you are allowed to quibble about how much certain parts of the car actually cost. You’re entitled to get what your car is worse, so keep going until you get your due.


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