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Car insurance claims and who’s really to blame

Sometimes an accident will happen where it will seem fairly obvious who was at fault, but the obvious won’t necessarily be the case. This can tend to happen in the case of rear-end accidents, where one car plows into the back of another. It looks like it’s the first cars fault, but that isn’t always the case.

Most states have laws that require vehicles to drive a certain distance behind the vehicle in front of them so that they will be able to stop when hat vehicle does. If the driver in the back then runs into the car in front, it’s assumed that he wasn’t driving far enough behind. However, there are still situations where the car in front’s brake lights or out, or they make a really abrupt turn or stop, and they could still be partially to blame.

If the rear-ender involves more than one vehicle (one car rear-ends another, which in turn rear-ends the car in front of it), the drivers usually go after the person behind them, which can leave the middle car in a bind. If your car is in the middle in this situation, it’s important to call the police. Getting a police report can help you to avoid receiving a too heavy part of the blame.


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