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Car Insurance Claims and Writing a Demand Letter

Reader question:

So, how do I write a demand letter?


It’s easy.

You don’t have to be Hemingway to write a good demand letter, but do watch your verbosity. You need to be quick and to the point while providing all the detail that will help you, and nothing more. If you don’t think you can write a satisfactory letter, you can contact an attorney to draft one for you.

First you’ll want to state who you are and who you got in an accident with, as well as the details of the accident, such as the date and circumstances and and police report. Also important are a list of the damages and costs caused to your vehicle.

If you were injured, include information on how and where, at which hospital you were examined and how long you stayed. Include copies of your medical bills and doctors’ reports. If you had to get any follow-up treatment, include that. If you missed work, include documentation from your employer saying so. If you’ve suffered any other kind of hardship that you would not have suffered if not for the accident, mention it.

Make sure to break down the charges, including everything that was affected by the accident. If you were in the hospital for three days and thus unable to deposit your check from work before the rent got taken out, and so you had to pay overdraft fees, that counts.

Include what you expect for pain and suffering, and your total settlement demand. Also set expectations for when you should be replied to.


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