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Car Insurance Claims What to do Now.

Reader question:

How do I get my money after I’ve made a car insurance claim?


Can’t blame you for keeping your eye on the prize, Alex.

This is often the question most prominent in the claimant’s mind after an insurance claim has been made. Okay, you got in an accident, you made your claim, you did everything you need to do–now where’s your money?

  • Know your claim number. This will help your adjuster handle things faster.
  • Don’t quibble over small amounts. If what they offer you comes close enough to what you want, don’t argue over just a few bucks. You’ll only make it worse and make it take longer.
  • Don’t say you’re going to get a lawyer. They hear that all the time, and it’ll probably just make them give you an amount you like even less.
  • Treat your adjuster with respect.
  • Provide documents. When you install your sound system, keep your receipt.
  • Don’t think of the adjuster as your friend, or expect them to think of you that way. You are their job, and playing up to them will not make them any more likely to give you the amount you want. Keep things strictly business-like and get things taken care of as quickly as possible, and you’ll get the best amount.
  • Knowledge and preparation are just as important when filing an insurance claim as they are in any other situation. Know your rights, and know the worth of the damage. Find out how much your car is worth and how the state determines that. Figure out what your state says you can get compensated for in regards to injury. Make a list of items you have to claim that you can prove you had to begin with, and keep all this in mind and on hand when you talk to your adjuster.

If you want to get a fair compensation, do your homework. Don’t take this lightly–it’s your car, and the less you know what you’re doing, the more likely you are to get tricked.


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