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Car insurance discounts by career

Reader question:

I got a good student discount while I was in college, but now I’m out of school and have embarked on the career I was majoring in. Are there career-based car insurance discounts?


Yes, there are.

A lot more factors go into deciding how much you will get charged for your car insurance premium than before, and career is one of them. And it even goes beyond career. There are some car insurance companies that will give you certain discounts based on the degree you gained while you were in college. This is because there statistics and lifestyle differences showing why someone in a certain career might be more of a risk on the road than someone in another.

First of all, if you had a science or engineering related to degree, then you could be looking at a significant discount in your car insurance. Studies show that scientists have a more detail-oriented personality, and because of this they are more likely to pay attention to dangers on the road and practice defensive driving. They are also more likely to be very meticulous in following traffic safety procedures. Because of this, car insurance companies prefer people in the science fields.

There are other fields that could cause a change in your insurance. Actors tend to have lower premiums because they tend to live in metropolitan areas where they don’t have to do a lot of driving. Musicians, on the other hand, will have higher premiums because they’re on the road a lot and are thus more likely to be in an accident. To find out if your car insurance company has a special discount for the field you’re in, call them up and ask what career-based discounts they offer.Or shop around and find out what other companies have to offer.


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  • Marky

    I read something somewhere that insurance companies have statistically found a correlation between your work and risk. So if you are a delivery guy, you are most likely a higher risk than a banker sitting at their desk in the entire day. :)